Pervs On Patrol - Bella
PervsOnPatrol: I’ve been following my teacher around lately because my friend claims that she gave him head. I wanted to see how much of whore she really is, so I checked her out for myself and I hit the jackpot!


Pervs On Patrol - Amabella
PervsOnPatrol: Guys! I was out testing my new camcorder. And I almost got my head cracked in by this hot girls boyfriend because he caught me filming them fucking. So you guys better enjoy this footage cause it was fuckin risky shooting it.

Jordan Lynn, Rosie Deluna

Pervs On Patrol - Jordan Lynn, Rosie Deluna
PervsOnPatrol: I came home the other day to my girlfriend fucking around with another girl! If it was a guy I would have flipped the fuck out, but thankfully it was some chick. Things have been kind of stale lately between us, so I decided to even the playing field by fucking her playmate. I like it when my GF sits there and watches. What a whore!

Billi Ann, Cory Chase

Pervs On Patrol - Billi Ann, Cory Chase
PervsOnPatrol: Me and Billi work together at a strip club. I always tease her about showing up one day at her house surprising her and her boyfriend. I decided that today, be that day. And I was happy to fuck both of them. I like me a good mff session!

Alexis Grace

Pervs On Patrol - Alexis Grace
PervsOnPatrol: This is one of my best and freakiest videos ever. It happened in the college campus where I caught on camera two students having sex. Enjoy it!

Shyra Sheer

Pervs On Patrol - Shyra Sheer
PervsOnPatrol: This tape is dedicated to my cousin Nick to prove to him what a dirty slut his fiance is. I taped his fiance fucking another guy on his bed yesterday. Watch it Guys; and help me spread the news to the world that Shyra Sheer is fuckin slut.


Pervs On Patrol - Barbie
PervsOnPatrol: Its rare that I take walks in the woods, but as luck would have it, I spotted a couple having a picnic. I’m happy I stuck around with my video camera. if not, I wouldn’t have this little gem of a video to share with the world.

Karina O’Reilley

Pervs On Patrol - Karina O'Reilley
PervsOnPatrol: I’ve been following this girl around all day. From the beach, on the city bus, and to her house. This slut was worth the adventure because after she end up catching me she threatened to call the cops but then made me fuck her. This bitch is more twisted then me!